A Cold Roger Clemens

January 31, 2008


For athletes, a game is their job. They get to play a children’s game for millions of dollars and if they do something wrong they need to admit to their mistakes. As a kid if I admitted that I did something wrong and promised to learn from my mistakes I was quickly forgiven. As Geoffrey Rapp said in his Sports Law Blog, Clemens’ report was handled like a contract negotiation. Athletes are treating a game like a life or death business. All it takes is one person to set the standard and set themselves apart as a role model for admitted cheaters. Clemens could have been that role model to the athletic community at large and he could have been remembered for this. It may have tainted his legacy as a baseball player but as a responsible adult it could set an unprecedented standard for troublesome athletes. Not only would this establish a new legacy for Clemens but it would make him seem human and fallible. 

Here is a link to Geoffrey Rapp’s Sports Law Blog: http://sports-law.blogspot.com/2008/01/strange-new-offering-from-clemens-team.html 


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