Disgusting Tale from College Football

February 6, 2008


February 6, 2008, is National Signing Day in college football. It is a day when thousands of high school recruits sign their letters of intent to play college football. It is supposed to be a happy day for players and their parents. For signing a letter of intent usually comes with a scholarship worth up to $100,000. However, for Kevin Hart, the 6th was a horrible day.

            After committing to play for the California Bears over the Oregon Ducks, Kevin Hart was told that neither school had ever heard of him. Men, posing as recruiters, had duped Hart. The story first broke in the Washington Post here. This is truly one of the most despicable stories that I have ever heard.

            In my opinion, this is one story that neither university wants to be associated with and should take the proper steps to distance themselves from it or try to remedy it. I believe that one of the universities should offer Hart a chance to make the team or offer him a partial scholarship. Each school also needs to address this through a press release or other medium. They must declare just how truly cruel this is. 

(UPDATE: February 7, 2008) According to the Washington Post , Kevin Hart has admitted that he lied about the whole situation. He never got duped by a middle man. All the kid wanted to do was play Division-I football and made this whole story up to get some attention. I recant my demand made earlier about the necessity of Cal and Oregon responding to this crisis as soon as possible and offering him some type of scholarship. The universities handled themselves well and got to the bottom of the issue before making any judgement. This was a good public relations move because it kept them from creating a crisis for themselves. 


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