Social Media in the Super Bowl

February 6, 2008


While watching the Super Bowl commercials, I noticed that the NFl had decided to utilize a social media in advertising these popular aspects of the game. If you want to view any commercials that you saw during the Super Bowl, you don’t need to go to to YouTube or Google Video. The commercials have been nicely packed together here on Myspace. This is an interesting way to promote the use of social media within the NFL. It is a win-win situation for both the National Football League and Myspace because the NFL looks like it has a firm hold on cutting edge media outlets and Myspace gets, basically, free advertising. This could also be a good way for people to become introduced to social networking sites. It advertises the many interesting aspects of these sites, like music and movies. I applaud the NFL for using Myspace to advertise the advertisements that took place during their big game. 


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