The Steroids Circus Goes on.

February 13, 2008

818505_intramuscular_injection_2.jpgThe Roger Clemens saga continues to taint the pitcher’s legacy. Roger Clemens used to be one of the most dominant pitchers in the game and now he has to sit in front of a congressional hearing and defend his entire career after being accused of using steroids. Following the February 13, 2008 hearing, Clemens looked like he lied to federal investigators about his use of human growth hormone and steroids.


Clemens has had a long career and was effective last season as well but I believe that these steroid allegations have made it impossible for him to play baseball again. There is no reason for any team to risk the negative PR for a now mediocre pitcher. He is very similar to Barry Bonds in this way. Clemens and Bonds seem to be so closely linked to steroids that it has become unlikely that they will ever play again.


Baseball organizations do not like this type of bad publicity. The best thing for a team that has a player accused of steroid use on its roster is to cut the player and distance themselves from the named player at all costs. The San Francisco Giants face a dilemma because Barry Bonds has been the face of their franchise for years and now he is the face of steroid users in baseball. As an organization, do the Giants continue to revere Bonds or do they try to distance themselves from him? I think the only thing to do is distance the organization from him. Even though loyalty to players is a priority to some big-league teams, a baseball franchise is still a business. Just as Jayson Blair was forced to resign from the New York Times after making up stories, the Giants should reduce the prevalence of Bonds’ career with the team. I know this sounds harsh but they don’t want to be known as the organization that condones cheating, does it?


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