Mixed Martial Arts PR

February 20, 2008

385141_muai_thai_fighting_1.jpgI have recently become extremely fascinated with the world of mixed martial arts or MMA. I think that this sport is so interesting because it is a blend of so many different fighting styles. This is also why it is so popular in my opinion. Today’s world is all about multi-function gizmos and shows and MMA is exactly that. When you watch a MMA fight you are watching a unique spectacle each time. Boxing seems to always be the same fight but MMA has so many fighters with so many styles that it is rare to see the same fight twice.


Even though this has become one of the most popular sports I still see a glaring PR problem: Even though there are so many safety precautions, what happens if someone dies in the ring? Submission holds are one of the most dangerous moves executed. They are designed to put pressure on a part of the body until the victim gives up. These moves generally involve pressure on arms, legs and the neck. Death is not something that is seen in many sports and the possibility of seeing death in a ring is a risk that MMA leagues have to deal with. This has to keep the PR people of these leagues up at night. Injuries are a common occurrence in sports but death during a sporting event is not. MMA is extremely popular but will that popularity continue if an athlete dies during a fight? Or will it spell the end of these fighting leagues? 


One Response to “Mixed Martial Arts PR”

  1. Tim, you raise an excellent point. MMA Leagues should have a crisis plan in place. If you are interested in studying this further, here is my favorite crisis management source: http://janus.uoregon.edu/search?/afearn-banks/afearn+banks/1%2C1%2C3%2CE/frameset&FF=afearn+banks+kathleen&1%2C%2C3

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