Another Steroids Problem

February 27, 2008

359417_anadolu_rangers.jpgSo, today I am going to be writing about steroids again. However, this time I am not going to be talking about steroids in baseball, but rather steroids in football. While baseball has been getting all the attention from the media about players allegedly taking steroids, football players continually get caught taking steroids and it is no big deal. Chuck Klosterman of ESPN the Magazine wrote an article last year about why we look away from football players that use steroids. He says that as long as the public only knows the half-truth about steroids, then we will continue to ignore the problem.


Football players are stronger, faster and bigger than ever before. Now, I agree that there have probably been improvements in workout equipment and techniques since the 1970’s or 1980’s, but I refuse to believe that there has been as astronomical a leap as evident in pro football today. Klosterman points out that linebacker Shawne Merriman is as big as the best defensive tackle in history, Anthony Munoz, and as fast as the best wide receiver in history, Jerry Rice. In my mind, there is only one possible explanation for this physical achievement: steroids.


While all of this attention is being given to baseball, I do not understand how the NFL is getting off so lightly. One explanation is that the NFL has a steroid drug testing policy in place. This is good PR in this era of steroids because it makes it seem as if the NFL is being proactive. However, having a system is not the same as having an effective system. If this testing policy is found to be futile then the NFL will be facing a huge PR problem. The reason is that this system has been in place for 10 years and if it is a bad system then the NFL might as well have been doing nothing at all. This could lead to an image problem for the National Football League that completely overshadows the problems that Major League Baseball is having. 


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