Gilbert Arenas: Social Media Savvy

February 27, 2008

953311_basket_game.jpgI have been really trying to get into sports blogs and one of the best ones that I have found has been from NBA star Gilbert Arenas. His blogs usually consist of a couple thousand words and they are really insightful into what it is like to be an NBA player. His posts are entertaining and informative.


This is one of the few examples of social media that is used by one of the major professional sports. There are sportswriters who use them but rarely do athletes “pen” their own blogs. I was never such a big fan of Gilbert Arenas, and I’m still not, but I think the fact that he wants fans to understand the life that he leads is really cool. If other sports took a cue from the NBA they would find one of their most passionate ambassadors and have them write a blog for their fans. Social media is a great way to interact with these athletes that seem untouchable.


For being a good role model to other leagues, I say “Kudos, Mr. Arenas.” 


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