The End of a Legacy

March 5, 2008

543676_wisconsin_packer_fan.jpgI feel like I would not be doing my duty as a sports fan, and amateur blogger, if I did not write about Brett Favre and his retirement. As a public relations blogger, I cannot help but think that Favre could have handled this whole situation better. I think that announcing his retirement vicariously through sports reporters was not a good way to announce his exit from football. The best way that Favre could have handled this would have been by holding a press conference and publicly announcing his retirement. Sports fans want to know his reasons for retiring and the best place to receive such information is from Favre himself.

         There have also been rumors that Favre could play from another team sometime in the future. This would be a huge detriment to his public image. Favre is seen as the “Golden Boy” of professional football and if he played for another team then he would alienate his fan-base. Favre will always be known as a Green Bay Packer and if he plays for any other team then fans will never forgive him for saying that he was “mentally spent”, yet decided to play later.

         As a sports fan, I must say that I will sorely miss Brett Favre’s passion and excitement for the game. 


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