The Madness of March Begins

March 5, 2008

918310_basketball_hoop.jpgIt is finally the month of March and that can mean only one thing: March Madness. Some people, including myself, cannot wait until the 65 teams playing in the tournament are selected. This is not only an exciting time for basketball fans but it is also an exciting time to see just how successfully the NCAA markets basketball and publicizes this event.

         The reason for the successful publicity is due to the popularity of filling out tournament brackets. The NCAA has efficiently utilized social media, like Facebook, to increase participation during the tournament. Filling out brackets has never been easier thanks to Facebook. It allows people to compete in brackets with their friends, while also competing with people from around the world. The NCAA has recognized how much fun it is for fans of college basketball to compete with one another and has found the best way for people to test their basketball knowledge against people from around the country.

         So, I invite you to join me in filling out a bracket on Facebook and we will see who wins during this great time of year. 


One Response to “The Madness of March Begins”

  1. It’s great to hear that the NCAA tournament will be integrated with Facebook. I’ve used Yahoo Groups in the past. I wonder if Facebook offers any unique features that Yahoo did not?

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