Those Darn Yankees

March 13, 2008

900910_baseball_glove.jpgIs it just me or do the Yankees seem to be addicted to media attention? Having comedian Billy Crystal sign a 1-day contract and bat lead-off is the newest ploy for the Yankees to garner positive public relations. Crystal recently turned 60 and so this is seen as a birthday gift of sorts, but in my opinion, this is another example of rich organizations pandering to their famous fans. If the Yankees truly wanted to make an old-man’s dream come true, then they would have had a lifelong Yankee fan, who wasn’t famous, sign a 1-day contract. I don’t think that this was a sweet gesture at all. In fact, I am turned off with the idea that a rich comedian gets to “finally” live out his dream of playing for the Yankees. It just seems to be another woe-is-me story about a famous actor who still thinks he deserves these special experiences. I find it hard to by sympathetic with a man who hasn’t had a true acting role since 2002. If Joe Schmoe in Brooklyn didn’t work for six years, then he would be living in a cardboard box. Not batting leadoff for the New York Yankees in spring training.I will give Crystal credit, he had a decent at-bat, but I truly believe that there are Yankee fans that deserved his experience more.  


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